[Single] Lil Yachty – 66 Ft Trippie Red



If you follow Lil Yachty and Trippie Redd closely on social media, you’ll have already caught a glimpse of “66” through various Instagram live previews. The long-teased collaboration now appears as the closing track on Lil Yachty’s new album Lil Boat 2, and easily stands as one of its strongest showings. Opening with the calm and collected hook from Yachty, the Atlanta rapper lays out the mantra of the song: “14, 14, high school, sellin’ beans / Dropped out, now I’m rich, flexin’ ’til I’m 66.” While this chorus hits harder each time it returns, the energy never gets higher than on Trippie’s verse, which hits like a slap to the face and continues to surprise throughout. By the time he wails “I’ma keep up on runnin’ it uuuup,” it’s almost like he’s built his own hook into the verse. In fact, listening to the snippet, it seemed like Yachty’s chorus could have been his verse, while Trippie’s part served as the refrain. In other words, every moment of the song is catchy and memorable enough to warrant a return, and probably just means you’ll have to keep it on repeat.

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